Custom Home Builder in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZ

When you’re ready to build your dream home in Paradise Valley, do you want to pick from a cookie-cutter pattern for a house? Or do you want to have the freedom and flexibility to choose the fixtures you want, to have the room sizes that you desire? If you are looking to buy a home in a residential development, odds are you will have a few choices, but those are pre-set choices. When you are looking for true freedom in building your home, you need a custom home builder like Maxum Construction. They will help make your dream home a reality.

Custom Home Builder in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZ

It Starts with The Property

When you are looking at building a new Phoenix home, if you are looking in a subdivision, the builder frequently owns those properties until the home is finished and the buyer then owns the property. The lots are similar in size, and the homes are built similarly with minor adjustments to some things inside the house.

With a custom home, the home builder works with the owner of the property, which is the customer. The property is often larger than a standard lot size and can have some features that the property owner would like to utilize when building their custom home, such as a creek running through the property.

The key is who owns the land the North Phoenix home will be built on. If it is the homeowner, then a custom home builder will come in to satisfy what the property owner desires.

What Else Makes It A Custom Home

Not every home builder can claim that they are a custom home builder. Even if the Glendale homeowner owns the property, the home builder they contract with might only have limited designs that they deal with, as it keeps things simple. A true custom home builder like Maxum Construction will listen to the homeowner and work with them to make their design come to life. The custom home builder will utilize an architect to help design the home as well.

Not only that, but often a custom home builder will embrace new technologies in home building and utilize these in some of the custom homes they build. They will also incorporate new amenities in these homes, such as using a smartphone to handle many features of the home. Or there will be specific rooms added to the Deer Valley house, such as a yoga studio or small home theater setting.