Custom Home Builder in North Phoenix, Glendale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Surrounding Areas

Do you want to build a House of your dreams? Everybody wants to have a house just right from their dreams which will not just fulfill their requirements but will also reflect taste and personality. But in order to do so, you cannot have a ready-made home. You will have to build it on your own. That is why you need a custom home builder. We, at Maxum Construction, can be the right choice for you. We are an established and reliable company with more than 20 years in this field. We can help you with a wide range of services, right from home constructions, custom home building, to even kitchen, add bathroom renovations, ADA constructions, and so on. We are known for our quality craftsmanship, reliable constructions, and at most dedication towards all our clients. So, if you belong to areas such as North Phoenix, Glendale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, or Deer Valley, then you can rely on us.

Custom Home Builder in North Phoenix, Glendale, Phoenix, Paradise ValleyHere, we have put together a few questions to ask a company offering you a custom home builder for your dream home. Take a look.

  • How much experience do you have?

In order to understand if the builder will be able to put your ideas and taste into execution, you have to make sure that the company has been in this field for a long time. Experience shows credibility and it means that they have worked on different kinds of homes with different kinds of clients for a number of years which will make it easier for them to understand your requirements. That is why you should ask the company about the number of years they have spent in this field.

  • Do you offer free quotes?

It is important to get an estimated rate for the charges imposed by the company for these services. You can understand if the house will be within your budget or not when you get these quotes. You can also compare it with others and choose wisely if you get advanced quotes.

So, after getting these answers, if you’re thinking of hiring us, contact us today.