Custom Kitchens in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZ

You use your Phoenix kitchen multiple times a day. It works, but you know that it could be redone to make it even better. In cases like these, homeowners often do smaller things in their kitchens that are less expensive but helpful. Usually, they are thinking that getting a custom kitchen how they want will be too pricey, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The experts at Maxum Construction can show you how having a custom kitchen in your home can increase the home’s value and make it a place you love to be in.

The Cabinets Make the Kitchen

Custom Kitchens in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZOften when someone says they have a custom kitchen, people are thinking of something that is large and open. That doesn’t have to be the case, custom just means that it’s made for you and your Glendale home. One of the things that really make your kitchen custom is the cabinets that you use. Most kitchens use cabinets that are purchased in standard sizes, but what you really want are custom cabinets.

Having custom cabinets in your North Phoenix kitchen means that you will utilize all of your space to the fullest. You can make sure that you have special cabinets for all of your spices, for example. Your cabinets will be measured specifically for your kitchen space, and this allows you some freedom in what you want to store where.

This isn’t only for the upper cabinets, but also the lower cabinets. If you want a narrow space to place your baking sheets, you can have it. If you want to have pull-out shallow drawers for small appliances, that can be done. The great people at Maxum Construction can provide you with several other ideas for your custom kitchen cabinets that you may not have thought of, and this will truly make your Deer Valley kitchen space custom just for you.

Go Beyond the Cabinets

Yes, you will spend a good portion of time figuring out your cabinets, as they take up a large portion of the space in your kitchen. But don’t forget about other touches that you may want in your Paradise Valley kitchen space. Perhaps you would like to add a wine fridge or a special freezer drawer beyond your refrigerator. And don’t forget to add outlets in convenient spaces in your kitchen, both for electric and USB.