New Home Construction in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZ

When you talk about buying a home in North Phoenix, often building a new home enters the equation. There is a good reason for including a new home in your discussions, as there are many positives with doing so. And if you opt to do new home construction, you want to have an experienced construction team like Maxum Construction on your side to make sure things run smoothly and your Paradise Valley home gets done on time and on budget.

Begin with Research

New Home Construction in Deer Valley, Glendale, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZHomework was probably not on your list of things to do, but it really helps you in feeling solid about the decisions you make when it comes to building a new home in Glendale. You will want to research a number of things, including your prospective builder. Have they done just a few new homes or hundreds of new homes? What kind of homes have they mostly built, smaller homes or larger homes? Do they work with an architect and do custom homes, or are they more of a cookie-cutter style home builder?

You should also research your area for certain restrictions based on where you are building. You will need to make sure that you aren’t building your Deer Valley home or other structures too close to the road, water, or other structures. Additionally, you will want to understand if you will be connected to city water and sewer services, or if you will need to drill a well and add a septic system with a drain field. Lastly, be sure that you know if electricity and internet have been run to the property, or if this will be an additional cost based on where you are building.

Other Things to Remember

When you are going to have your new home constructed, be sure that all of the details are written down in a contract. Memories fade quickly, and we remember conversations differently after the fact. Having the important points written down makes it clear what is going to happen for your new home. Also, if you are buying in a Phoenix neighborhood that shows a model home, understand that the model home typically has a bunch of upgrades to it that your home may or may not have. Be sure that if you want a specific item in the home, this is spelled out in the contract, which is why you want things written down.